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Aarohan Gurukul


Aarohan Gurukul is the organization that has been working in the field of art, literature and theatre since 2038 B.S. The organization is well known for its important works such as rehearsing in the closed room, preparing dramas of international standards, performing dramas in the international stage representing Nepal.  Aarohan has represented Nepal by performing dramas in various countries such as India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Srilanka, Iran, Norway, Denmark, France, Australia, Sweden, China, London and others.  Along with this Aarohan has valuable records of organizing different cultural and literary programs. Aarohan is the first theatre of Nepal to perform the ‘Forum Theatre’, first initiated in the global scene of theatre by Brazil’s Augusto Boal by adapting it according to Nepal’s style and nature. This Nepali modification of Boal’s Forum Theatre is established in Nepal as creation of discussion among public in relation to socio-political issues and problems.

It is the organization which has been working for the awareness of public regarding the ups and downs of political, economical and social change via the medium of art and literature. It also has been working for the integrity and dignity of the nation. Aarohan has published books, exhibited paintings painted by national artists, produced and published music which were done on the occasions of international & national Drama and literature festivals.

Aarohan has provided voter education in every nooks and corners of Nepal via drama by collaborating with Election commission, Nepal at the time of election. Besides this Aarohan has  collaborated with UN, UNDP, Asia Foundation, NS Nepal, IFES, Norwegian Cultural Fund and Indian embassy to spread the awareness as to take the initiative to solve the problems of country.

Aarohan has been preparing dramas of international standard, representing Nepal dozen times in the international stage, including diverse characteristics of country in the drama, educating the actors in important philosophical and behavioral subject, building the culture of watching the drama by buying tickets,  providing reasonable wages to the actors for working in the drama and alluring the new generations in the field of theatre. As a result, the students of Gurukul are working in different parts of the country by building the theatre centre and performing standard drama shows. They have been gradually commercializing this field.

Aarohan has performed more than five hundred dramas a thousand times among which hundreds and more dramas were performed in its own theatre.

Aarohan has already successfully organized international drama festival three times in the years 2008, 2010 and 2012 along with more than ten national festivals.

Aarohan, Biratnagar

With the goal of establishing theatre centre in different parts of country Aarohan established its branch for the first time in Biratnagar. From the Norwegian Cultural Fund, Sushila koirala Theatre was built under Aarohan in Biratnagar. A place which was contributing in the development of Drama. Aarohan, Biatnagar has records of performing dozen of stage dramas, street dramas and ‘Kachahari’ Drama, occasionally organizing literature convention and art exhibition. With the aid of this, Aarohan, Biratnagar is being established as cultural and literary center of Province No. 1. Besides this, Aarohan, Biratnagar has constantly given pace to theatrical activities by organizing Purwanchal Drama Festival. With the aid of Indian government a new modern and self-contained theatre hall which has seat capacity of 400 is being built in Aarohan, Biratnagar.

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